A Mini Shoot in Snowzilla’s Aftermath!

Last weekend Snowzilla landed in the DMV (DC, Maryland, & Virginia) area, which is where I live. It was reported that it was the snowiest on record. My neighborhood had over two feet. I love the snow, but not after it is piled high by snow removers and it becomes an ugly brown slush, or when it causes poor driving conditions!

When the snow is still fresh and beautiful it can serve as a great backdrop for photos.  So I ventured out tonight in my back-yard forest where the snow is untouched, thinking I could have beautiful pictures taken of ME!  … NOT!  The snow is so deep and uneven from the wind that it was not going to happen in the forest.  I’d ventured out with my small shovel and boots and immediately had to think of a plan B, because it was also dark. Also, distance wise, it was more than I wanted to tackle.  So the photos were taken just outside my back door.

I wore the vintage mink coat that my lovely mother recently handed down to me and in other shots I wore my steal of a deal fox fur vest that I purchased in Dubai last April.  It was a fun mini photo session in the snow!



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