Halloween With The Group

I have a group of friends and family (Framily) that get together socially once a month.  Each member is responsible for planning an event when their month rolls around.  We’ve had gatherings at our homes, restaurants, concerts, and this year we attended the Coca-Cola 500 Nascar Race in North Carolina. We are planning a vacation to the Carribbean or Mexico early next year.  The Group initially started off small with my sister, BFF, a colleague and me.  We were all foodies, so we decided to dine together once a month at a restaurant we’ve never visited.  We did this for a couple of years.  We dined throughout the D.C,  Maryland & Virginia (DMV) area at a variety of locations, to include fine dining establishments and being sure to catch restaurant week for discounted meals.  It was always a lot of fun!

Due to our busy lives, meeting once per month sort of fell off, but we still got together occasionally to dine, attend social events, etc. Last year we re-established the routine of a social activity.  We’ve invited other friends and colleagues to join us for various events, some who have joined the group, which has now grown to eight.  We invite other friends or colleagues from time to time, all of whom are welcome to become part of the group.  Some continue to occasionally join us, while others can’t quite connect.   We have been together so long that we have a bond, a chemistry; sort of a family dynamic.  We are like siblings, in the truest sense.  Though we all have different personalities, it just works!

October was Brian’s month to plan an activity, so we received an invitation to come to his house on Halloween and to wear a mask. We all showed up with our masks and I brought an extra one in case someone forgot theirs.  I also had my camera and tripod in tow. The Group was unaware that I’d planned to take pictures of us in our masks.  Of course being the supportive group (and camera hogs) that they are, I proceeded to take pictures.  This time, I remembered to bring my remote control wireless shutter release (http://www.rocketfishproducts.com), so that I could be in the pictures.  My camera also has a timer on it; I just prefer the wireless remote control.  I am going to have to work on being inconspicuous with it, though.

Seven group members were in attendance at the party. I invited my daughter to our event and she applied make-up to look like a lioness! See below.

We Ended Up Having a Full-on Photo Shoot!

There were over 300 pictures taken with my camera alone!  We actually had a blast with lots of candid shots and hilarious moments (one person continuously forgot to wear her mask, whom I shall not name!).  After our party we all went to my cousin’s Halloween party, which was themed after the movie The Purge.  Her’s was a costume party and it had great decor’ and the various costumes were really thought out and exciting to see.  Below are a few pictures of her and a few guests.

All-in-all it was a fun and entertaining evening!

The Masks

The Masks

The Group plus one.

The Group plus one

The ladies.

The ladies

The Gents.

The Gents

Plus One

Plus One

The Purge Party


The Entrance

The Entrance

Halloween - The Group-261

The Hostess with The Group guests.

More guests

The Hostess with Cousins

More Party Guests

A Few Party Guests

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