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Over two years ago, while my daughter was attending her freshman year in college she asked me to buy her a Canon DSLR camera.  I responded with an emphatic NO! But wait! There is a good reason- she’d just lost a camera at Universal Studios in Los Angeles a few weeks earlier.  I’d purchased that camera!  She was now left to purchase her own new camera as a lesson on being responsible.  She needs to learn responsibility and pay for her own mistakes, right?

Well, she purchased the camera and I took it out of the box and began playing around with it, taking pictures of any and everything!  My daughter asked, “Mom why are you taking pictures of plants and chairs?”  I replied, “Honey (I call her Honey), you can take pictures of anything, people, objects, landscapes, etc. I am actually getting to know the camera as well as practicing.”

Prior to that day, I had been pondering what to do during my retirement years.  When I held that camera in my hand and began to take pictures of chairs and plants, I had a revelation. I knew what I wanted to do during my second chapter in life. I want to be a professional photographer!  I realized that since I was a pre-teen I’ve always loved photographing people, flowers and anything nature related.  Holding that camera reminded me of my passion and all of the wonderful memories I’d once created.

I was considered the unofficial family photographer.  My family and friends knew to be prepared to take pictures when we celebrated holiday’s, birthdays, reunions, and just about anything else.  I realized that after moving to the east coast several years earlier that I hadn’t photographed much, mainly as a result of not having a great camera.  I hadn’t invested in a nice camera for a number of years and was still using an outdated Canon Powershot. So you can imagine the many digital and technical advances that intimidated me and prevented me from exploring new cameras.  That Powershot camera was just fine.

I shared my new revelation with my daughter and a very close life-long friend.  My friend surprised me with a Canon 60D DSLR camera for Christmas in 2012.  I was so ecstatic to receive the camera and to learn everything about it! However, I was so intimidated by the camera that I didn’t take it out of my house until March 2013.  My BFF was being given a surprise birthday party, so I though it was time to overcome my fear of the camera and take pictures at the party.  How could I not capture that moment!

A lot has happened since that time; I’ve taken many photos and have honed some skills.  However, I have so much more to learn and perfect with this craft and artistry. That’s where this blog comes in.  I will share my photography experiences and my life through photography.  I know that I will continue to grow and push myself to accomplish my goal of being an awesome, well sought after professional photographer. I am also documenting and sharing this journey to inspire others who also aspire to be great photographers.

Next time: My BFF’s Surprise Party Photo Shoot

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