Dad & Me: Photo Shoot!

My parents left yesterday heading back home to Seattle, after visiting me and my sister over the past week.  So just before departing to the airport we had a mini photo shoot.  Prior to my parent’s visit, it occurred to me that my father and I had never taken photos together.  We’d always taken family pictures with both parents and my siblings or other family members. I was looking forward to this photo shoot with just the two of us!  My daughter Taylor captured the images of us and then I photographed my father alone.

Although my father never complains about being photographed, he rarely smiles.  Taylor and I were able to capture several shots of him smiling, so I was very happy with the outcome.  It was a very fun experience; one that I will forever cherish! My family is so blessed because later this year dad will celebrate his 85th birthday!  The images taken will serve as a commemoration of this milestone! Thanks dad, you were great!

Here are a few images:
Dad&Me-47 Dad&Me-51 Dad&Me-54 Dad&Me-62 Dad&Me-66 Dad&Me-67 Dad&Me-73 Dad&Me-75


Dad&Me-2Dad&Me-83 Dad&Me-85 Dad&Me-88


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