Sunflower Chronicles (The life and times of a sunflower)!

My last post featured the Wings of Fancy butterfly exhibit, which was a Meet-Up event.  The next day there was another scheduled Meet-Up event at the sunflower fields in northern Montgomery County Maryland.  I’d been to the fields two years prior and really enjoyed the experience, so I thought I’d go again and see how my photography skills have improved since that visit.

Upon arriving at one of the fields, I immediately noticed that the flowers were on their last leg! Most were droopy and petal-less. My first thought was why would anyone plan a visit at the end of the sunflowers’ lifecycle.  I was disappointed to say the least, especially because these fields were not down the street from my house!

After canvassing the field I noted that there were a few sunflowers that were still budding amongst the sea of dead ones! So being the turn lemons into lemonade person that I am, I decided to chronicle the various phases of a sunflowers’ lifespan.   Here are some of the images I captured:




The beautiful plant during its prime!


Now, the beginning of the end!Sun15-19Sun15-18Sun15-24Sun15-45Sun15-46


Because the sunflowers were on their last legs, visitors had a little fun with them as shown below:


Sun15-42I also captured some of the surrounding wildflowers!  All in all it ended up being a worthwhile experience!




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