For Shoe Lovers Only! Week #9 – Miniature Shoe Collection

Mini Shoe Collection-22Over 15 years ago I began collecting miniature shoes.  I started collecting them after spotting the Just the Right Shoe miniature shoe line by artist/designer Raine at a Hallmark store during a business trip.  It was another way to feed my shoe fetish, and would replace the purchase of souvenir t-shirts and coffee cups!  I’d traveled a lot back then and had a drawer full of unworn t-shirts and a cabinet of unused cups for each of the cities I’d visited.  I’d thought I’d enjoy a shoe collection and eventually display them somewhere in my home.  Each time I visited a new city I’d visit a Hallmark store where the Just the Right Shoe brand is carried.

Prior to moving to the east coast eight years ago, my collection had grown to 30 shoes.  Upon moving to my current home I unpacked boxes that have been in storage for several years and came across my shoe collection.  The shoes brought back fond memories of my travel experiences.  When traveling I was always excited to add to my collection because the shoe designer always had a shoe that I liked, including those that obviously wouldn’t have been worn were they life-sized, but also those that were just fun and unique designs. Some were trendy, while others were nostalgic and there were always those that didn’t move me. I only purchased those that aligned with my style aesthetic.

Shoes from my miniature collection…

Mini Shoe Collection-3Mini Shoe Collection-4Mini Shoe Collection-5Mini Shoe Collection-6Mini Shoe Collection-13Mini Shoe Collection-11Mini Shoe Collection-15

These next two were purchased in honor of my daughter who was a dancer for many years.  She was a tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop dance artist.

Mini Shoe Collection-9Mini Shoe Collection-10

The collection rarely included purses to compliment the shoes and this bag actually opens.

Mini Shoe Collection

The shoe line includes all types of shoes – flats, heels, sandals, mules, boots and more. I wouldn’t actually wear a pair of the turquoise boots; I just liked how unique they were.  The 2nd and 3rd pair of booties were holiday limited editions and in the past I’ve hung the red bootie on my Christmas tree!

Mini Shoe Collection-14Mini Shoe Collection-12Mini Shoe Collection-16

If you look closely at the next shoe you’ll note that it is a Panther!

Mini Shoe Collection-28

3 thoughts on “For Shoe Lovers Only! Week #9 – Miniature Shoe Collection

  1. I love your collection and I would actually wear both the turquoise and Christmas boot lol. Thanks for sharing.


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