Yes, I Want to Be a Photographer!

After shooting my first photos with my new camera, I realized that I desperately needed training on how to use it.  I searched the internet for classes, workshops, camps, coaches, excursions and photography certification programs.  Any and everything that could make me more proficient at operating a camera and enhance my photography skills.  My search led me to an abundance of sites; there is absolutely no shortage of basic camera or photography training.  Because there was so much information, I had to take a moment to think about how I wanted to proceed along the education path.  I decided to start with the BASICS!.  I needed training in operating a DSLR camera and basic photography techniques.

One of the sites I came across was Washington Photo Safari ( based in D.C.  They teach photography techniques to visitors and local residents on half-day and full-day photo shoots around the nation’s capital.  One of their offerings caught my eye… “Wait! Don’t Quit Your Day Job!”.  This class covered such things as, getting started, getting educated, getting clients, showing up, making choices, making the transition and photoeconomics 101: what to charge.  It promised to be an evening packed with information. Although it was a lot of information to process, it was just what I needed! The class gave me a lot to think about and consider. Two things in particular resonated with me; 1)  determine what area of photography you want to specialize in, and 2) practice, practice, practice!  So I set out to address both.  Within a few days I’d made the decision to specialize in newborn portraiture (I love babies), food photography (I’m a foodie) and event photography (I love people)!  

Within a few weeks I had my very first photo shoot.  I needed to practice, so I scheduled two photo shoots!  The first was of a relative wearing her handmade hats, which she wanted to advertise on her new website .  The second was of a newborn baby!  I was excited about both!  Below is a sample of the photos; I think I did pretty darn good for practice!  What do you think?
Pink HatRed HatIMG_2133IMG_2189

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