It’s All About the Skirt (& Shoes)!

This past summer I attended the Ubiquitous Health and Hair Trade Show in D.C.  It was my second year attending and as a newbie to the natural hair world, I enjoyed and absorbed all of the things I could learn about natural hair care and products.  I’ll have to save my natural hair care journey for a another post, as I am not getting to the point of this post!

So, at the trade show there were non-hair care vendors present, one of which was a clothing booth.  The booth had a vast array of beautiful skirts made of african inspired fabrics.  There were so many beautiful color combinations;  and they were high-waisted and came in two lengths.  Although my sister was pretty decisive about her skirt choice, we spent a considerable amount of time at this booth because it was difficult for me to settle on the length and color. I eventually settled on a fuchsia print.

The skirts are wrap-around in style and were made with several yards of fabric, and they were one size fits all! I liked that this would be a garment that I could wear regardless of my size, I can still wear it when I lose the twenty pounds that have been plaguing my body!

I recently had the opportunity to finally wear my skirt to an event, and because I loved it so much, afterwards I decided to have it photographed with me in it!

Now for the shoes; I pondered what color shoes I should wear with my fuchsia skirt. I usually don’t wear very bright colors (although lately I’ve been venturing out and experimenting with colors), so it didn’t really occur to me to purchase Fuchsia shoes! However, a few weeks after the trade show I ran across a pair of fuchsia linen pumps at DSW!  I took them home hoping they’d match the skirt and they were perfect! I’ve since matched them with other articles of clothing, so they will be worn and not stored out of site in my spare bedroom.

Isn’t the skirt beautiful?

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