Black Girl Magic & Boot Cuffs?

What is Black Girl Magic? Lately, I’ve been hearing and seeing the phrase Black Girl Magic all over our various media spectrums. Then my cousin J.T. sent me an invitation that started with:

Welcome to the first volume of Black Girl Magic. This is an opportunity to get together with other beautiful, intelligent, successful black women and shake off a little of your Black Girl Magic.

Of course I had to investigate this BGM phenomenon.  So I went straight to Google and entered Black Girl Magic and a host of sights popped up; however, my goal was to see where or how it originated.  Apparently, it was created by CaShawn Thompson “to celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of black women.” The second sentence of J.T.’s invite stated, I hope we share ideas on sisterhood, politics, fashion, recipes…really anything that comes to mind.  And then she added that we would be doing the sharing all while crocheting boot cuffs.  Boot Cuffs? Now, I thought this was a unique party concept and should be very interesting (and entertaining, as J.T. can bring LIFE to any party!).  Okay, I’m in! Because I was domesticated at an early age, the crocheting would be a piece of cake!

The event was a very fun experience!  We shared a lot about ourselves, our daily and life experiences, and views on everything under the sun!  It was also refreshing witnessing our sisterhood, especially when those of us who knew how to crochet taught the beginners.  At the end, surprisingly there were a few completed boot cuffs!  I look forward to future volumes of Black Girl Magic, where we continue to celebrate and uplift one another!





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