Semi-Pro Football Photo Shoot

While visiting my family in Seattle earlier this month, I attended a semi-pro football game.  Over the past 15 years my brother has been part-owner, general manager and coach of the Ravens (Renton, WA) semi-pro team and my nephews are also involved, one as part-owner and coach and three others as players.  The team has a wide range of ages (18+) and these guys are no joke, they take the game very seriously! This particular day, the Ravens clobbered their opponents with a score of 25-0!  Go Ravens!

Because I’m always pushing myself as a photographer I thought I’d continue working on sports photography (see track meet post).  When I travel I usually have my gear in tow, so I used a 300m lens to capture the images.  Another photographer was on the field as well and he was using a 600m lens, which is great for sports photography.  I’ll have to graduate to that and will need to take sports photography much more seriously prior to investing in a lens specifically for sports photography.

Here are a few of the images I captured on and off the field, and they aren’t too shabby (if I say so myself) for photographing my first football game:


Ravens Football-25

Ravens Football-5Ravens Football-12Ravens Football-6

A Few Team Members

Ravens Football-4Ravens Football-19Ravens Football-23Ravens Football-18Ravens Football-10Ravens Football-22Ravens Football-11


Ravens Football-17Ravens Football-16Ravens Football-21Ravens Football-8

A Few More Images

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