Semi-Pro Football Photo Shoot

Renton Ravens -25
Tacoma Outlaws -0


No More Hiding (Behind the Lens)!

In my April 9th post, I’d indicated that my niece’s were visiting me from New Jersey.  During their visit we had a few photo shoots, and I was the subject of one of them!  They took pictures of me, and they did a fabulous job of posing me and as you can see I rolled with it! These…

A Natural Man

I photographed a friend last Sunday and even though it rained that morning we were able to take a few shots outdoors behind my home, where there is a mini forest.  In my last post I mentioned that I prefer taking photos in natural light, so I took advantage of it that day. Again, a…

The Perfect Model

Hi!  It’s been a little while! I’ve been extremely busy with LIFE!  However, I’ve been capturing many of those life moments and I will try to slow down a bit so that I can post about them more contemporaneously.  Because I’m busy I often don’t have time to complete my photo post-editing prior to engaging…