Siblings Photo Shoot #1

I was back home in Seattle over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend and had a couple photo shoots.  Both were with siblings.  The first was with adult siblings and the second was with three sisters all under eight years old (seven, two and 10 months!).  Now you can imagine how challenging it could be to get the children to sit still or pose together, let alone smile together! They were not that interested in being cooperative, they ran my show! I’ll share some of their photos in my next post, so you can see what I mean, Lol!

So the first photo shoot was a piece of cake!  For the most part, adults usually fall into posing after they are warmed up and made to feel comfortable in front of the lens.  I usually am able to put my subjects at ease early on and make the experience a fun one.   For example, prior to the photo shoot LaJoy was less than enthusiastic about being photographed; however, after the shoot she proclaimed that she was surprised at how well her photos came out and how much fun it was!

LaJoy and Michael have never taken professional photos together and the last time they recalled being photographed was when they were adolescents and back then it was with their other siblings. I was more than happy to capture their first professional images together!

We’d planned on taking photos outdoors, but we had a back-up plan in case it rained. After all we were in SEATTLE!  And of course the day was beautiful and rain-free until it was time to begin!  Our back-up plan was to use as our back-drop the conservatory at Volunteer Park.  We didn’t realize that it closed at 4pm so we had to take advantage of arriving 30 minutes before closing. We were also able to shoot outdoors after all. Here are a few of the results:


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