For Shoe Lovers Only! Week #7


When you are truly passionate or fanatical about something, it can often expand to other areas of your life, take over your household, or cost you thousands of dollars.  For example, I am sure you know someone that has an overwhelming collection of t-shirts, souvenirs, magnets, sports or  animal  paraphernalia (cows, cats, owls, elephants, etc.).

Although I am a confessed shoe lover, I don’t think my shoe fetish is out of control. A few years back I started a miniature shoe collection (that I’ll share in another post) and from time to time I’ll come across shoe household accessories.  However, I prefer to purchase those that either add to my design aesthetic or that are functional, because I don’t want my home to be overcome with EVERYTHING shoes.  I’ve kept my shoe passion under control!  I think…

Here are a few of my household shoe accessories:


It’s a wine bottle holder!


Another wine bottle holder.


I didn't buy this one for the peppers!

I didn’t buy this one for the peppers!

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