For Shoe Lovers Only! Week #8 – Animal Print

Over the past several years I’ve explored and expanded my shoe style to include more color, prints, and patterns – from multi-colored striped fabrics to animal prints. I purchased a pair of animal print ankle boots a couple of years ago and the entire boot, including the heel is animal print as shown below. I liked the quality of the shoes and that they had a platform.  I prefer wearing shoes and boots with heels (like grandma Carletta) because they make me and my 5’2.5″ stature feel tall!

Animal Print Boots

I now have an animal print shoe collection from sandals, pumps, boots, and flats and last year I received as a gift, a pair of animal print boat shoes from my daughter.

Animal Print Boots-2

I’ve yet to wear the boots or the boat shoes, as I’ve want to find the perfect outfits!

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