Track Meet Photo Shoot

Yesterday, two of my young nieces competed in the USATF PVA Track Championships in Prince Georges County Maryland.  They traveled from New Jersey to attend the meet, so my daughter, her friend and I met them there. Not only was it an opportunity to see my family, I was also able to practice sports photography.  I don’t exactly have a mega sports photography lens; however, I was able to practice and capture their events with a Tamron 70-300mm zoom lens.

I hadn’t been to a track meet in eons so I forgot how long these competitions can last. It was all day!  I didn’t mind though, as I was able to spend time with my family, practice taking photos and capture the girls in their element. It was great! They both placed in events and one of them claimed first place in the 400m race!  Woo hoo Jailya and Jewel! Way to go girls!!

Track Meet-15

Track Meet-18

Track Meet-30Track Meet-17Track Meet-22Track Meet-25Track Meet-26Track Meet-16

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