My 21- Day Clean Cleanse Started Today (After a Vegan Brunch Yesterday)!

A new year always brings the opportunity for new beginnings.  Although, I establish annual goals ,this year is the first year in quite sometime that I’ve made a resolution or two for the first couple of months of the year.  I’ve completed the first resolution, which was a 10-day fast organized by my church.  Members were able to choose their fasting option or method, and I chose a food fast, eating only fruits and vegetables.  I completed the fast following the plan and other guidelines! Actually, it  wasn’t difficult, as a little over a year ago I embarked on a 21-day Clean cleanse and have been practicing clean eating since that time.

The Clean cleanse was created by Alejandro Junger M.D. ( and I realized many benefits from the cleanse.  I loved it because I learned about new food products and the various health benefits.  Since that time I’ve been very food conscious and open to exploring other options.

Today, I started the 21-day Clean Gut cleanse, another cleanse created by Dr. Junger, which focuses on repairing the gut. For the first Clean cleanse I followed the plan and purchased ALL of my ingredients and supplements.  This time however, I purchased the supplements and shake packets from the Clean website.   I’ll update you on the Clean Gut cleanse after day 21! Wish me luck, as I have to work on the shake because I don’t like the texture!


The Clean Gut Experience!

I started the morning with a Vanilla and berry shake and supplements. (Note the Seahawk glass mug! We are going to the 2015 Super Bowl!  Sorry, I had to give that shout out!


This morning’s berry drink and supplements

I’ve posted a great quote that was included in my Clean package.  It was suggested that it be posted to the fridge as a daily reminder.  I love it!


Yesterday, I attended a brunch at Chef Todd Gray’s Equinox Restaurant in D.C., with six absolutely beautiful and inspiring women!  This event was planned and hosted by my BFF.  She thought it would be a good change for us to experience vegan dining! I thought this would be the perfect meal prior to beginning my cleanse regimen. The restaurant has an all vegan brunch on Sunday’s.  Some of us have eaten vegan or vegetarian meals, but others had not, so there were a few grumblings initially, but everyone showed up.  The food was actually quite good, even the Tofu Scramble!  I sampled a couple pastries and thought they were a bit dry; however, I understand that the macaroons were delish!


The lovely ladies!

While dining we were approached by Tracye McQuirter (fourth from the left) a vegan trailblazer and the author of By Any Greens Necessary,  Tracye was delighted to see and meet our group of ladies.


Me and our Fab host!

Thank you Felicia for an awesome experience!!  You are THE Best!!

2 thoughts on “My 21- Day Clean Cleanse Started Today (After a Vegan Brunch Yesterday)!

  1. It truly was a fun time and nice change in dining experiences! It inspired to make today a fantastic mushroom, kale and spinach soup with oriental ingredients like rice vinegar, sesame oil, fresh ginger, green onions and soy! I must say it was much tastier than any Chinese soup I’ve had at restaurants!!!

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