For Shoe Lovers Only! Week #2

In my first shoe blog, I stated that I love shoes.  However, I am very particular about my shoes and over the years I have remained pretty consistent in what I’ll wear.

One year when I was in grade school my parents went school shopping for me and my siblings and brought home saddle oxfords for me.


The infamous saddle oxford

As a child I hated those shoes; I thought they were the ugliest shoes ever (and actually still do!).  I did not want to wear them because I was convinced I’d be the laughing stock or the butt of jokes at school! I pleaded with my parents to return the shoes to the store, but they would not!  I asked my dad why did I have to wear those ugly shoes and he said, “Girl, those are good shoes!”  (You may notice that as a child I was often referred to by adult family members as girl, gal, or gaa instead of my given name. I believe gal and gaa, [a derivative of gal], is southern vernacular.)  I have to admit that they were good shoes! They were leather and very well constructed and could take a beating.  I was taught to appreciate good, well constructed clothing and shoes.  Oftentimes, I find that the good, very well constructed shoes are either unattractive, expensive or both!

I can not wear unattractive shoes.  I think those saddle shoes are to blame!  I much rather have a pretty pair like those below. Thank God I only had to wear saddle oxfords for one school year!

My Shoes-31

Now these are shoes I Like!



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