National Wreaths Across America Day

Yesterday was National Wreaths Across American Day ( In honor of our fallen heroes, a fresh wreath was placed at their marker or headstone.  I attended the ceremony that was held at the Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) with a few Meetup members.  I visited the ANC many years ago as a tourist before moving here.  It brought back memories of my first visit, which was very solemn.  Today was no different.  However, it was great to see thousands of attendees and volunteers. Everyone had the opportunity to place a wreath on a marker.

Below are pictures from the event.

Wreath Meetup-12

Morrill Morcester, the person that started the tradition back in 1992. Today, was a proud day for him because there was going to be a wreath for all 700k veterans.

Wreath Meetup

The procession with the trucks transporting 1,000s of wreaths.

Wreath Meetup-3

Veteran motorcyclists and the rest of the procession.

A member of the motorcade of veteran motorcyclists.

A member of the motorcade of veteran motorcyclists.

Wreath Meetup-9

Bare markers; pre-wreath laying.

Wreath Meetup-16

The Army sponsored a truck. Army staff handing out wreaths.

Volunteers at work.

Volunteers at work.

A group of volunteers.

A group of volunteers.

Wreath Meetup-17

Even the little ones participated.

A volunteer.

A volunteer.

Wreath Meetup-23

Placing flowers and wreaths on a grave is not a Jewish tradition, instead stones are placed on top of the marker, ( A rabbi reminded the volunteers not to place a wreath on markers with the Star of David.

A visitor creating a stone tribute.

A visitor creating a stone tribute.

Wreath Meetup-33

Markers with wreaths.

Wreath Meetup-32

The wife acknowledged.

Wreath Meetup-21

Another view.

Wreath Meetup-25

The National Monument in the distance.

Wreath Meetup-11

Acknowledging the day!

Wreath Meetup-6

There was a special wreath ceremony for the Kennedy’s.

Wreath Meetup-8

There was also a special tribute for the unknown soldier.

Meetup members.

A few Meetup members.

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