My Little Visitors!

Last month my beautiful nieces visited me from New Jersey.  I don’t have a lot of family out here on the East Coast, so I am always happy to have family around. They live a little over two hours away, so that makes it nice. The girls are actually my great nieces; my nephew’s daughters who are 12 and 14 years old.

I had so many things planned with them during the five days they would be with me.  You know, typical girl stuff. We got our nails manicured, shopped, baked and decorated cookies, watched movies, dined out, and of course we had a photo shoot!  I wouldn’t think of having them for five days and not incorporate a photo shoot! The cool thing is, I was also the subject of a photo shoot (I’ll share those in a later post)!  They each had one of my cameras, which enabled them to photograph me at the same time.  I thought, “This must be what it feels like to be a celebrity!”  We had so much fun; truth be told they wore me out!.  That crap about you’re as young as you feel, is NOT true. I had a serious reality check trying to hang with them!  I thought, I’d better start acting like I am a great auntie!

Some pictures of the cuties:

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