Tuesday’s Tip

TODAY begins a periodic post called Tuesday’s Tip.  I will be sharing  a host of tips and helpful guidance on everything photography related, such as camera operation, photography techniques, post-editing and any other useful information.  I am always looking for ways to improve and enhance my photography skills and abilities, so I am excited to share what I learn or discover.  Also, technology is forever changing, that it is sometimes hard to keep up.  The Tuesday posts will also serve to help me stay abreast of what’s going on in the world of photography!

Apple Ear Buds

Apple Ear Buds

Today’s Tip  

For those of you who own an iPhone, did you know that you can use your Apple EarPods to take a photo?  I think most people know that you can use the volume-up button on the phone; however, the use of the EarPod (or similar earphones or headset) is so much more convenient than using the camera shutter release button or the volume-up button on the phone.  You use the volume (+ or -) buttons on the earphones.  It also works on the iPad.  Try it!  It should work with other camera phones as well.

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