Tis the Season: Holiday Parties

During the holiday season there are lots of parties.  I’ve attended a few already!  The first was a Christmas party hosted by The Collective Gentlemen Group.  The Collective was formed several years ago and has grown to 16 members. One of The Group members (see my Halloween post) is a member of the Collective.  The Group often support each other’s endeavors.

These men gave an AWESOME party, and guests are still talking about it!  They hooked it up!  I was TOTALLY impressed.  To begin with, it was an after five event and guests were expected to wear appropriate attire.  And they did! The event included wine tasting, catering by celebrity chef (Food Network) Kris Kyler, waitstaff, a live band, DJ, open bar and me, the event photographer.  I usually don’t photograph indoor social events as a result of having to constantly adjust my camera settings to accommodate the change in ambient light when walking through a venue. However, this event was an exception.

From my photos it is evident that everyone had a great time!  EVERYTHING, and I mean everything went very smoothly!!!  The food was delicious, the band was excellent; the DJ kept the crowd energized; and I captured it ALL.  These guys know how it’s done! I would definitely attend another event sponsored by the Collective! Well done Gentlemen!!

Now, most of my friends and family know that I absolutely love to take candid photos, and this night was no exception.  I took pictures of everything that was happening and no one objected.  There were two people who actually couldn’t object because they were sleeping, a little too much fun I suppose.  I won’t post those pictures.  I just don’t think that would be appropriate, although I think I’ll make copies available to them.

Following are a few pictures of the Collective members, party guests, and me of course!

The Collective without their hats!

The Collective. The men wore hats to identify themselves as members!

Kris Kyler, a fantastic chef!

Kris Kyler, a fantastic chef!

Kris with me and party guests.

Kris with me and my girls!


The band.


Another member of the “Collective”, who manned the bar.

The DJ.

The DJ.

"The Group" members.

“The Group” members. He is also a “Collective  member.

Me in a photo with my sister and another member of "The Group."

Me with my sister and K.H.





A line dance!

Line dancing!

One thought on “Tis the Season: Holiday Parties

  1. Looks like a GREAT time, very sophisticated crowd, nice variety od pictures I really like the after 5 evening look, maked a body feel good to dress every now and then. Take a family picture for yhe holidays PLEASE! !!! Have a wonderful and peaceful season!!

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