The Perfect Model

Hi!  It’s been a little while!

I’ve been extremely busy with LIFE!  However, I’ve been capturing many of those life moments and I will try to slow down a bit so that I can post about them more contemporaneously.  Because I’m busy I often don’t have time to complete my photo post-editing prior to engaging in another photography project. I’m getting better though and I’ve missed blogging about my many adventures!

The next several posts will include some of my most recent imagery, which happens to be photo shoots. Today’s subject, Darci, is one of my favorites because I’ve photographed her previously and she self-directs. I think she was a supermodel in a past life!  Our group of friends often tease her about her model-esque posing.  I especially love it when people are comfortable in front of the camera because it makes my job that much easier.

Darci is starting a business and wanted photos to use for marketing and building her brand (we also took some fun and fab pics too!). As a result I took a number of photos in different settings and outfit changes.  She also enlisted my daughter Taylor as her make-up artist, so you’ll see two different looks.  You’ll be hearing more about Darci’s business venture and Taylor as an up and coming make-up artist! Stay tuned!

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