Photo Shoot of a Former Model

Last weekend I went to Detroit to visit with Diane, the youngest of my mother’s 10 siblings. Although we are two months apart in age, she is my aunt! We have had a unique bond since we were little girls. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Diane and her husband Al. They were fantastic hosts!

While visiting, we made a point to schedule a photo shoot of Diane, who is a former model. I’m always looking to expand my photography experience and expertise, so photographing Diane was the opportunity to do just that!

Diane lives two blocks from a park located along the Detroit River, which has picturesque views of Windsor, a city visible across the river in Ontario, Canada. I’d visited the park a few years earlier, so I knew it would be the perfect location since it provides plenty of great back drops. Diane selected a few outfits, some of which she tailored (the white blouse and print maxi-dress. She is an awesome seamstress) and we headed off to the park.

Upon arriving at the park I scouted out a few locations and began the photo shoot.  Diane was fabulous and I think she should pursue modeling again!  She effortlessly followed my direction and gave me just the poses I wanted. She even added a few of her own! We had a fab time, in spite of it being a hot day and a bit windy at the river!

Don’t you think Diane should model again?

Diane-7 Diane-16 Diane-24 Diane-30 Diane-33Diane-48Diane-57Diane-70Diane-75Diane-82Diane-86Diane-109Diane-111 Diane-125 Diane-127 Diane-138 Diane-140 Diane-144 Diane-147 Diane-168 Diane-177 Diane-179 Diane-183 Diane-191 Diane-199 Diane-200 Diane-202 Diane-204 Diane-205 Diane-206

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