For Shoe Lovers Only! Week #6: My First Pair of Western Style Boots!


I’ve always liked western styled boots, and thought they were especially cute as part of drill team attire! But I never thought I’d actually purchase a pair because I’ve never felt the cowgirl vibe.  Another reason I haven’t purchased a traditional pair of cowgirl boots is I couldn’t think of what I’d wear them with and not look like a cowgirl!

Corral_cowboy boots


Last year, I actually saw a pair of western style boots that I liked and would actually wear, so I purchased them. They are not as fashionable or elaborate as some of the western boots shown above, but they work for me!  They are subtle. I wear them under boot cut jeans or with denim or black leggings.  I’ve made them work with my fashion style!

Cowboy boots

My pair of western style boots!

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