The First 2016 Photo Shoot: Makeovers

Last year I began a tradition of annually photographing my closest friends at the start of the New Year. It’s an opportunity for us to strengthen our bond, and to document our transformations; how we age gracefully. Each year I’ll focus on a particular theme and this year it was makeovers, featuring “before” and “after” photos. These shoots usually last most of the day and we have a ton of fun!

Amongst many of her talents my daughter is a make-up artist and works for a popular high-end cosmetics chain, and this was an opportunity to promote her art form and at the same time capture photos for use on her new website and social media outlets. Check out her new YouTube channel: Aysa Taylor.

First, I am so very thankful and appreciative that these ladies allowed me and Taylor to expose their natural beauty to the world, they are all beautiful! It’s not everyday that women in our age groups are open to even leaving the house without some form of makeup on, even if it is just lipstick or lip gloss. Almost ALL of them did it! They were troopers and I love them for it. Thank you so much ladies!

The shoot began with taking the “before” photos, and then Taylor gave a basic lesson in makeup application and various techniques, using Felicia as a model. We all learned a lot and practiced some of what we learned on ourselves and each other.

The “Before” and “Afters”






The Group Photo





Taylor did a fantastic job of making these ladies over.  Her Makeup Artist website and social media sites will be launching within the next couple of months, where more of our work will be featured!

I’m already thinking about our theme for next year! Please share any thoughts you may have for a girlfriends photo shoot!

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