Siblings Photo Shoot #2

In a previous post (1-26) I mentioned that I’d traveled to Seattle and had a couple of photo shoots.  This post is about the children I photographed, who happen to be my great nieces, two of whom I met the day of the shoot.  Their mother (my brother’s only child) and I originally planned on taking the photos the day before, and because that didn’t pan out we had an impromptu session at my brother’s after our family dinner.  We began after everyone else headed home, so there would be fewer distractions; however, as it turned out the children presented their own distractions.  They all had some sort of fascination with their fingers and hands.  Thank God he gave me the gift of patience; which enabled me to work with and around them!  They were so cute posing themselves! It was apparent that they were familiar with and enjoyed taking pictures.  Carson, the middle child, repeatedly offered her most dramatic poses! It was fun and I loved spending time with them!

Fun with Granddad!

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