My Mediterranean Adventure: Day One -The Airport!

I recently returned from a 12-day vacation to the Mediterranean!  It was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had!  Our group of twenty met in Barcelona, Spain and boarded a cruise ship. A day (or two for some) later, we headed to France, Greece, Italy and Turkey. Today’s article will be the first of several because there was absolutely no way I could share everything in one blog, as it would literally go on for pages. I want to share everything, from the Toronto Airport, the brand new cruise ship (ours was it’s second voyage), the different countries and of course the various dining experiences.  And besides, I have pictures galore; although I did scale back on my photography because I didn’t want to experience what happened with my Dubai images (and I have yet to edit them and promise I will and post a few.  I took some incredible photos of the mosques and other Emirate highlights, so I must share those).

Both my daughter and I chronicled our trip, she for her lifestyle and beauty vlog and me for this site.  I started out with our ride to the airport;  actually, I started with loading up the vehicles that picked us up; however, I don’t think there’s anyone who wants to see those photos.  I’m saving those for my photo book.

Out of the twenty vacationers, 14 of us left from Washington, D.C., while others departed from Seattle and Dallas and met us in Barcelona.

We had a nice flight to Toronto on Air Canada.  Of course, we had to go through Customs before we were able to move to the boarding area of our Barcelona bound flight.  There were a bunch of people; however, we had plenty of time due to our lengthy layover.  I was fascinated by the Toronto Pearson International Airport because I’m noticing how upscale airports are becoming, so lately I’ve been photographing airport interiors.   They now have amenities to suit every type and class of traveler.  They have iPads for entertainment and for ordering food, and there’s more aesthetically, with beautiful art and clean lines.  This airport made our layover very comfortable.

Here are a few pictures of the airport and our D.C. group!  Next stop, Barcelona!

The airport was very colorful and artsy.  The sculpture was also an echo chamber; where voices reverberated loudly!

The wait at customs!

Toronto Airport-4 A look at the counters with iPads and charging outlets.  There was also wait staff who delivered ordered food and who maintained the counters.

My meal;  seafood salad from a sushi bar and my daughter’s chicken quesadilla.  Both were very yummy!

Examples of other options; BBQ Short Ribs and a Burger plate from Lee Kitchen by Susur Lee, which appeared to be a popular local chef owned sit-down restaurant.

The D.C. group of happy travelers (minus one who avoided being photographed – my daughter, and no. 14 who traveled on a different airline).

2 thoughts on “My Mediterranean Adventure: Day One -The Airport!

  1. I love the echo chamber picture (wow)! And the sushi salad looked divine. Mmm…. Nice pics. I can feel the anticipation.


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