Back to Quench!

I posted about Quench Restaurant in Rockville, MD on February 20th, “Dining with Grouponsand I didn’t give them a favorable review. After reading my post, my daughter’s boyfriend thought I was harsh and decided to take my daughter back and experience dining at Quench.  The next day my daughter called me from work raving about the food.  My response was “Really???“; my voice packed with skepticism.  So I asked what they had and she said of all things, “Hot Wings”?  So my immediate thought was who messes up hot wings! So is bar food the test that determines that Quench has good food; bar food maybe; but as far as I was concerned the jury was still in deliberations in terms of returning for another spoiled dining experience.

So a few weeks later my daughter and a couple of her girlfriends made a late night visit to Quench, and actually closed the place down.  She even shared videos of the post-dining experience outside while they were waiting to safely drive home.  Again, she raved about the food, so I purchased another Groupon to Quench, at least I wouldn’t be paying full price for anything if I were to be disappointed again!

Taylor and I went back to Quench a couple of weeks ago (she’d continuously urged my return) and this time we ordered Pork Belly 3 Ways, Thai Calamari, Salmon BLT and Chicken and Waffles.  The pork belly was cut and fried like bacon, which I was not expecting.  If you’ve read previous posts you know that I love bacon, so I liked the pork belly. However, it was made three ways and I only tasted two flavors, one of which was supposed to be “blue cheese foam”.  I’m not sure what blue cheese foam is supposed to look or taste like, however, it appeared and tasted like blue cheese dressing.  My daughter said, “Mom the pork belly was not prepared like I had it last time”. I told her I was okay with it.  The Calamari was actually pretty good; it was tossed with a sweet chili sauce and pineapple (although the pineapple wasn’t grilled as advertised).  My only critique of the calamari was that the crust wasn’t crunchy like I like it.  Our entrees were just okay; we thought my daughter’s Chicken and Waffles entree needed additional seasoning.

I’ve decided that this visit would be my last, as both experiences didn’t provide an exceptional dining experience.  Although the wait service was great, the food just didn’t cut it!


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