Wedded Bliss – Photo Shoot!

Last month I had the opportunity to photograph a couple’s wedding day. For various reasons I’d stayed away from photographing weddings; however, I made an exception this time because the couple’s photographer canceled a few days before the ceremony; it would be a small intimate ceremony with a few family and friends, and it was scheduled on a day that I was off from work.

I met the groom and his friends first and captured a few photos of them while waiting for the bride to arrive. The bride arrived and she was beautiful and statuesque. She looked stunning in a beautiful lace dress and her make-up was impeccable! As she approached family and friends I could see that she was taller than the groom, and for a few moments I stood slightly panicked. I’d already planned my poses for them, some of which were traditional and others with a bit more styling involved.

I introduced myself as I’d only spoken to her over the phone.  I said to her, “you are tall!”. She asked if I’d photographed women that were taller than their mate. I replied “no”, hoping she didn’t see or sense my short-lived anxiety. Photographers should always be prepared for the unexpected! And I was (after I gathered myself)! There were a few additional challenges, which we were able to overcome, for example taking photos at high noon (which is a no-no because of shadows) and scoping out the perfect backdrops. I almost always survey venues, etc., before a shoot; however because of the short notice I was unable to.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding and having great, happy in love subjects made it even better!

The best to Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds! 

Wood-Reyn Wedding-28Wood-Reyn Wedding-93

Wood-Reyn Wedding-102Wood-Reyn Wedding-38Wood-Reyn Wedding-98

Wood-Reyn Wedding-210Wood-Reyn Wedding-204

Wood-Reyn Wedding-197

Wood-Reyn Wedding-214Wood-Reyn Wedding-240

Wood-Reyn Wedding-222

Wood-Reyn Wedding-236

Wood-Reyn Wedding-224

Wood-Reyn Wedding-227

Wood-Reyn Wedding-232Wood-Reyn Wedding-245

Wood-Reyn Wedding-13

Wood-Reyn Wedding-228Wood-Reyn Wedding-348Wood-Reyn Wedding-143

Wood-Reyn Wedding-271Wood-Reyn Wedding-353

Wood-Reyn Wedding-346

Shout out to Jen for looking out for her god-sister and her fiance’ and recommending me! 

Wood-Reyn Wedding-340Wood-Reyn Wedding-331Wood-Reyn Wedding-330

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