For Shoe Lovers Only! Week #5

Last week’s post featured UGG boots and shoes. I photographed my UGG boots, which keep my feet and legs very warm. I love to wear boots in the fall and winter months, as I’m not one to wear boots in the spring and summer, it just seems a little odd because when I was growing up my parents purchased our boots for the fall and winter months. We had seasonal boots, shoes and clothing. Back then my boots were for warmth and protection from the elements and less for a fashion statement. So I guess I was somewhat conditioned that boots are to be worn during fall and winter and not particularly for spring and summer. This is also why seeing people wearing UGG boots in the spring or hot summer months is strange to me as I’d rather wear a pretty or sexy pair of sandals.

Although I have boots for the elements, I also have a collection of fashionable boots.  Below is one of my favorite pair by Via Spiga.

Via Spiga Boots-3 Via Spiga Boots-2

I like my boots to maintain their shape so I’ve invested in boot shapers.  Below are three different versions, all of which do the job.  If you don’t want to invest in shapers, you can always stuff paper inside of them.

Via Spiga Boots-7

This is a nice shaper! It is perforated and tears apart so that it can fit various boot heights. For example, it can be used for ankle boots.

Via Spiga Boots-6

Unlike the other shapers, this is a single piece and sandwiches the boots together.

Via Spiga Boots-5

This boot shaper is my favorite because it has a spring that makes it adjustable to the boot, so it has great tension for shaping.

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