For Shoe Lovers Only! Week #4

OMG!  Boy has it been cold!

Yesterday, I worked from home and could see morning snow flurries from my office window.  So I knew that it was going to be another bitter cold day!  The snow was being tossed around in a million different directions, so I also knew that it was windy as well.  Cold and windy is definitely not a good mix! Later that evening, I ventured out to Costco and put on my go to UGG boots.  When I first saw UGG’s (the traditional style) I thought they were hideous!  They had a huge rounded toe and no style per se.  It also seemed as though EVERYONE was wearing UGGs and with anything; pants, dresses, shorts, and anytime; in all of the seasons.  Summer, really?  I vowed never to buy those boots, lest I became part of the UGG phenomenon.

Well, many years have passed since that first pair of UGGs were introduced, and the Australian shoe company has introduced style to it’s boot line and now has shoes and accessories.  I purchased a pair of UGGs in the summer of 2013 at Nordstrom Rack, which means the expensive boot line was reduced in price.  A few year’s earlier, I’d purchased a pair of UGG sandals at a Nordstrom shoe sale.  I love those sandals, mainly because of the style, comfort and durability.  UGG boots and shoes are very well constructed.  I also have a pair of UGG clogs that are very comfortable.  I was drawn to the their unique style, although one of my sister’s think they are UGGly!

Whenever I come across an UGG box at Nordstrom Rack, I ALWAYS peak inside to see what’s been marked down!  After pulling the boot box off the shelf and pulling the boots out,  much to my surprise I see a boot that actually has some style. They laced up the front and had decorative trim down the back.  Although it had the BIG round toe, I could live with this pair.  So I purchased them!

The first time I wore the boots was the following winter and I fell in love!  The boots were the warmest boots I’ve ever worn, they are AWESOME! The shearling inside keeps your feet and legs so very warm!  I do not like being cold, especially to the point where your hands and feet are numb. Yesterday, when I was in my car driving to Costco my car’s outside temperature gauge indicated that it was 28 degrees! I was wrapped up pretty good in my very warm North Face outerwear (I’ll share more about North Face fashions in another post); however, I’d forgotten my gloves.

After buying my groceries and heading to where I thought my car was, I was outside in the parking lot having a senior moment.  I couldn’t find my car!  It reminded of the time my sister’s and I were In Las Vegas on one of our many trips together and we parked our car in the MGM parking lot and returned to the exact location of our car.  We stood there in shock because we thought our car had been stolen, it wasn’t where we parked it! We then thought, maybe we are on the wrong floor level, nah…  That car was right here we proclaimed! The three of us couldn’t be wrong!  Eventually, we started looking on other levels and behold there was our rental car!  LOL! We had a good laugh that day!

So I’m looking for my car in the Costco parking lot and my hands are getting colder by the second.  By the time I found my car my hands were numb, but guess what?  My feet were warm and toasty!  Thank you UGG Australia!


My UGG Boots


My UGG shoe collection


UGG shoe care products, a must have!

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