For Shoe Lovers Only! #13 – At the Beach!

The weather in the DMV has been unusual to say the least! It seems like summer actually began in early May, which brought high temperatures and thunderstorms.  Over the past few weeks temperatures have fluctuated and we have experienced a considerable amount of rain.

I was able to get in a day at the beach a few weeks ago.  The day started off very cloudy, but the sun burned off the clouds and it warmed up enough to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at Sandy Point State Park in Maryland.  I took some beach gear; chairs, umbrella, flip flops, iPad and of course my camera!

I spent some of the time styling and photographing my flip flops and a couple pair of sandals that I had in my car! Does anyone besides me remember back in the day when we called flip flops “thongs”? It’s funny how thongs are now a style of women’s underwear!

Since then I’ve been looking forward to wearing my sandals, but we’ve had more cloudy and rainy days than not. I’m hoping the rest of the summer is sunny AND dry!

Shoes at the Beach-9

These “thick resin” sandals by Coach are perfect for the beach, as they can be rinsed clean.

Shoes at the Beach-6

Most rubber flip flops are very affordable and are now made in a myriad of colors and styles. You just can’t buy ONE pair!

Shoes at the Beach-26

These flip flops are by Croc and they are so, so comfortable. I love them!

Shoes at the Beach-29

A favorite pair of wedge sandals. They give my 5’2.5″ stature some height!

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