Happy Birthday at Seasons 52

Sunday, my sister and I met a friend at Seasons 52 restaurant to celebrate our friend’s birthday.  If you want to celebrate a birthday, I highly recommend Seasons 52!

Upon my arrival I informed our waitress that we were celebrating a birthday.  We had no idea beforehand what Seasons 52 does to acknowledge birthday’s, but they did not disappoint. We left the restaurant totally impressed!

Following are the complimentary items provided by the restaurant:

  • A glass of champagne for everyone
  • Mini desserts
  • A photo
  • A rose
  • A birthday card
  • Complimentary flat bread appetizer upon next visit

Oh yeah, our meals were scrumptious!  Great dining experience!

Kim Bday

Kim Bday-5

Kim Bday-9

Kim Bday-4

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