For Shoe Lovers Only!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shoes!  They are my favorite fashion accessory!

I think my love of shoes is inherent, as both of my late grandmothers were fashionistas! Grandma Juanita was a seamstress who made beautiful garments for herself, her family and others.  She continued making her clothing well into her eighties.  Of course, grandma would have shoes, purses and other accessories to compliment her clothing.

Although Carletta, my paternal grandmother, was not a seamstress, she was also an impeccable dresser and loved shoes!  I recall a time when I was visiting grandma Carletta, who was well into her seventies, and she was getting ready to attend  Sunday church service.  To my surprise, she came out of her room with three and half inch heels on. Grandma was bow-legged and didn’t move around like the whippersnapper she used to be, so I’m thinking grandma is going to break her neck in those shoes.  So I said, “Grandma I think those heels are too high for you, I don’t want you to break your neck.” She said, “Girl, I’ve been wearing heels all my life, I’ll be fine in these shoes”, then she chuckled as if to say, “I’ve got this.”  She turned on those heels and strutted on out the door for church!

My love of shoes is definitely generational, as my mother passed her love of shoes and fashion down to me. She was also a seamstress, who made many of her clothes and for our family.  Because of her and my grandmother I can sew too!

As a fashionista you have to have a complete look!  Shoes are the first thing I consider after purchasing an outfit!  Shoes can make or break an outfit when you are going for a total pulled together look.  Oftentimes, shoes are THE statement piece of the wardrobe.

Because of my love of shoes and fashion in general, (I am actually a shoe addict and have been in reform now for about 15 years and still in recovery) and my love of photography, I am pairing the two as a way to explore fashion photography.  I will stylistically photograph footwear, ALL from my closet and post a weekly blog about the photos and my love for shoes and all things fashion.

This post is dedicated to my grandmothers, Juanita Tate and Carletta Kinsey.

My Shoes-10

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