Tuesday’s Tip #2: Remote Shutter Control

In my last post (12/28/14), I shared that I had a night shoot where I created photos of the ZooLights at the Smithsonian National Zoo.  When I arrived at the zoo I realized that I’d forgotten my remote wireless shutter control.   Although I had my tripod to maximize picture quality, using a remote control shutter release would have been helpful.  As an alternative, I used the 2 sec. self timer on my camera; the less you handle the camera the better!

Remote Control shutter release

Rocketfish Remote Wireless Shutter Control – It retails for $19.99 and is currently on sale at BestBuy for $7.99.

A remote control shutter release also comes in handy when taking group or family portraits that you want to be in.  I find that it is easier using the remote than the self-timer, you just have to make sure the remote is inconspicuous and not shown in the photo.

Remotes are pretty inexpensive and should work with DSLR camera’s that have self-timers. Try it out!

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