Seattle Restaurant Reviews: Part 4- The Quarters

The  Quarters is a new restaurant in Kent, Washington about ½ hour from Seattle. Its cuisine is a mix of “Nawlins and the mid-west “ and I thought this was an interesting combination. The restaurant is only open Thurs-Sunday and is in a large storefront building and is sparsely furnished. They had plenty room to expand. Each table had a guest book for comments, pictures, or just anything you’d like to say. I thought that was kind of cool. It also featured original art from a local artist.

The menu had few dinner offerings and the lunch menu had even fewer. Perhaps they are still building their menu.

I ordered the fried chicken wing lunch that came with cajun tater tots and an order of fried okra, while my lunch partner had the sautéed shrimp po’ boy that also came with cajun tater tots. I’d never seen sautéed shrimp po’boy on a menu before. It had peppers and onions on it, along with a special sauce.  It reminded me of a Philly steak sandwich. It was good!

The chicken and okra was also pretty good! The only thing we didn’t like were the cajun tater tots, mostly because they forgot the Cajun seasoning!  The tater tots should be replaced with cooked to order fries, potato salad, or cole slaw. We just weren’t feeling the tots!

Before leaving we thought we’d try a cup of the gumbo soup, because they were after all a N’walins style restaurant. Well, it’s a good thing they called it gumbo soup, because that’s exactly what it was! It was very watery and identified more as a chicken and rice soup. It definitely was not made with the traditional gumbo roux.

I think with a little time this could be a good place to dine. Our main entrees were very tasty, the service was great and the staff (which included two adolescent siblings) was very friendly.

Nwalins Fare

A fried food fest! I rarely eat like this, but there weren’t a lot of healthy choices on the menu!


Sautéed Shrimp Po’ boy and Tater Tots.


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