Aloha! (Hello or I Love You?) Part 3 of 3

While we ate well in Hawaii and visited the Honolulu Zoo, we also experienced other sites and activities on the island.

The night of my sister’s birthday some of us met up with a cousin who lives on the island. He is a dance club promoter and invited us to celebrate the club opening on Thursdays.  The Tsukiji Fish Market and Restaurant, which is located in the Ala Moana Shopping Center serves as the clubs location. It was good spending a little time with our cousin.



On Saturday we all caught the city bus to attend the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, which is the state’s largest open-air flea market with 400-plus stands. Vendors surround a significant portion of the stadium. About 10 minutes before arriving at the stadium rain began pouring. The weather tends to be a little different on this side of the island. The bus pretty much emptied at the stadium stop and it was a site to see us all bunched up with about 20-25 other people in a tiny bus shelter, staying dry and trying to avoid water splashes from uncaring motorists. Once the rain stopped, we headed to the swap meet to find our bargains or to bargain our finds! All of us left with bags of souvenirs and other goods. My mother made out like a bandit, and needed help with her shopping bags!


Swap meet

After the swap meet we all met at the Hilton’s Pearl Factory and cracked open pearl oysters. We cracked open eight pearls between us! There was a pre-oyster opening ceremony that was supposed to bring you good luck. My sister and I actually opened oysters that had rare 8mm grey pearls inside.  That was a fun experience for the ladies in the group!


At the Pearl Factory

We all decided to forgo attending a luau as half of us already had that experience (I’ve actually been to three different luaus!). Instead we went on a four hour island tour. It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon to visit different parts of the island.


HI-20HI-31 HI-29 HI-28 HI-10 HI-24 HI-23

More pictures! Our family had a blast in Hawaii!


My mother and nieces




My daughter!


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