Seattle Restaurant Reviews: Part 2- Metropolitan Grill

The second restaurant I visited while in Seattle was the Metropolitan Grill ( located downtown. They were featuring a dinner special that I took advantage of.  The Met, as it is commonly called, is one of several high-end steak houses in the area. It is known for its custom dry-aged Prime Beef.

I was very familiar with the Met because I worked many years at the Federal building across the street and would periodically dine there for lunch. I remember when the Met moved into the building they currently reside in. It was a good choice to dine as I couldn’t recall the last time I’d eaten there, but I know that it has been at least ten years!

Because I ‘d recently ended my 21-day cleanse (which I actually extended to 26 days) and in keeping with eating less meat and more vegetables, I decided not to order steak, other meats or fish and besides, I was contemplating ordering a dessert and thought having a vegetable dish would justify that. I ordered a vegetable stack, which consisted of grilled baby zucchini, squash, eggplant, red onion and portabella mushroom topped with emmental cheese (a yellow, medium-hard cheese that originated in the area around Emmental, Switzerland) surrounded by autumn vegetables and roasted yellow pepper sauce. This entrée was absolutely incredible (if you love vegetables), because the vegetables were cooked just the way I like them; a little crisp or with a slight crunch. No overcooked or mushy vegetables for me! The yellow pepper sauce excited my taste buds and really complimented the vegetables. The presentation was also creative!

Two of my fellow diners (my parents) each ordered and enjoyed their favorite- rib-eye steak which was served with a baked potato. A family friend, who’d joined us had the seafood pasta, which consisted of wild mushrooms, snap peas, red onion, Alfredo cream sauce, parmigiano reggiano and Dungeness fry legs (yes, I got fry legs right. It is the upper meat in the crab leg). We ordered lobster mac and cheese for the table and to my surprise it actually had quite a bit of lobster pieces!

At the end of my meal, I contemplated whether I really wanted dessert, never mind whether I needed dessert. I did splurge, but shared a Chocolate Lava dessert with my mother.

Chocolate Lava – a flourless chocolate cake with eggs, butter, sugar and bittersweet chocolate filled with housemade caramel and milk chocolate ganache. Served warm with chantilly cream –tell me that does not sound scrumpdelicious!

My mother thought the cake was very sugary, but I noticed she devoured it! I loved it! I am also a sucker for homemade whip cream!

The MetThe Met-2The Met-3

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