Happy Holiday’s From the White House!

Happy Holiday’s!

Yesterday I went on my very first tour (self-guided) inside the White House!  How awesome is that?  My friend Brian invited me a couple of weeks ago to see the holiday exhibit and since then I’ve been anticipating the visit, especially for the photo ops!

Upon my arrival at the security gate I gave the Secret Service policeman my name and identification; however, he was unable to locate me on the list of cleared individuals, so I was told to wait in a holding area while they investigated and determined whether I would be allowed to enter.  While I waited (about 20 minutes) other visitors were also instructed to wait in the holding area, which eventually filled up. I’d overheard that most were there because their first and last name were transposed or for incorrect birthdates.  I was asked to wait because my last name was misspelled, therefore I had to be re-cleared which took a little longer. After I was cleared, we went to another check point, where they asked for our identification again! We then went inside a building and stood in front of a fan that blew in the direction of another Secret Service policeman and his detection dog.  Lastly, we went through the security check point.

Finally!  After more than an hour of processing we entered the East Visitor Entrance!  This year’s theme is A Timeless Tradition and below are several of the images taken (some with brief descriptions), all captured with my iPhone 6 Plus.

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