Tuesday’s Tip #3 – Portable Lighting

As a photographer I attempt to stay abreast of the latest industry technology and gadgets that will make my photography experience  easier, more convenient, or which enhances my skills or final product. Lighting is a huge factor in photography and although I prefer photographing my subjects in natural light, that is not always possible. There are times I have to shoot in ambient light or a mix of ambient and natural light and although I have lighting equipment (soft boxes, beauty dish, fill light) it is not always convenient to carry around or to set it up and break it down.

Over a year ago I attended a photography conference and participated in a seminar on lighting where amongst the many lighting options, a ring light was demonstrated. I was fascinated with this option because of its portability, adjustable luminance, and it reduces or eliminates shadows.

I purchased the on-camera ring light below a couple of weeks ago and used it during a couple of photo shoots. I used it in mixed light conditions and it worked fabulously!Ring Light

Another Alternative

I recently attended two different photography events where I noted a few photographers had portable video lights that provide a wide range of light. One photographer used a small palm-sized off-camera video light when capturing images on his iPhone camera!  Below is an on- or off-camera video light.

Video Light

Both of these lighting accessories are lightweight and fit perfectly in my camera bag!








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